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The Keto Diet

Be Bold

The Keto Diet will help you gain energy (especially mentally), lose weight (without harming your metabolism), improve your health, and turn your body into the ultimate fat-burning machine - all without depriving yourself of delicious, filling and flavorful foods.   

The low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet is the fastest growing, most popular nutritional health approaches in the world, focusing on consuming real, whole foods designed to shift your body from being primarily a sugar-burner to one that uses fat and ketones as its source of energy. 

However, like all diets, the devil is in the details.  You could end up doing 'dirty' keto (we teach you the clean, healthier way).  Or you could  be missing some key knowledge and strategies that could slow down your progress... or even derail your motivation and confidence.   

The #1 challenge with the ketogenic/low carb approach is that it's hard to live a lifestyle where you have to avoid eating some of your favorite foods and sweet treats.

That is why I created the Healthy Keto Kitchen!

Now you don't have to go at it alone.  You will gain the confidence and competence you've always wanted to have as you easily and simply prepare delicious home cooked meals.  I'll even teach you what to look for and order when you dine out. With the variety of cooking and coaching programs available, you'll be able to have delicious meals and treats while you achieve your fat loss and health goals. 

Join us today and enjoy the satisfaction of getting to your next level! 

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With the Healthy Keto Kitchen's focus on whole foods and quality of ingredients,  Bill's  cooking and coaching programs stand out from the crowd.  Whether you are new to Keto, hit a plateau in your weight loss or are Keto strong, learning and experiencing new Keto culinary tricks is a must have to get to your next level!